Our certification is intended for assistants who are employed by licensed podiatrists and work under their guidance and supervision. We are currently offering the Administrative and Clinical Certification Examination Online.
Order the appropriate Exam Study Kit (Clinical ) at http://www.aspma.org/certification.html. Click on forms on the left menu.

Study the reference materials (recommended 3-5 months prep-study).

  • Applicants must be active members in good standing of the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants. Become a member of ASPMA (go to www.aspma.org) Click on Membership.
  • Must be employed by a Podiatrist who is a current APMA Member in good standing
  • Study for the examination by ordering the study guide: See instructions in above Guidelines.
If you are an assistant in the State of Indiana, please contact the Indiana Podiatric Medical Association (IPMA) at 888.330.5589 or inpma@indianapodiatric.org to obtain your Application for Provisional Radiology Permit BEFORE taking the Exam.
  • You must successfully complete all 7 categories of the examination within a 30 day period to obtain PMAC Certification.
  • You must be a Member of ASPMA in good standing to Register for the Exam.
  • Must have studied from the recommended Exam Study Guide: http://www.aspma.org/certification.html
  • Make sure you have read our PMAC certification Guide before signing up for the examination.
Use this helpful guide to walk you through the steps to becoming a Certified Podiatric Medical Assistant. Here you will find Sample questions similar to those in the test. Test your knowledge and see how you do!
Download the Guide!